by William Shakespeare

For Henry IV, Part I, I attempted to demonstrate the rise of Hal in two scenes. I chose Act II, Scene III and Act II, Scene IV. However, instead of playing them in their traditional linear fashion, I chose to intertwine the two scenes so that the action moves back and forth between Hotspur and Lady Percy and Hal and Falstaff. I chose the image of a game of tug-of-war to motivate the decision that Hal must make between allowing his friends to dictate his thought, or rising up to become a strong king. Hotspur and Falstaff become the two extremes as each side pulls Hal in one direction or another. Finally, Hal rejects Falstaff and assumes his royal duty.

"Chris encouraged us to take risks and make bold choices but never judged me or anyone else.  He always made me feel comfortable.  He respected us and we respected him."--Cast Member

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"Chris was an amazing director to work with.  From day one he had enthusiasm about the project, and being around that positive, excited  energy made working with him and being a part of the show an even better experience."--Cast Member