by Lucas Hnath

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The Lagniappe Reviews Makalani Theatre Ensemble's Production of DEATH TAX


by Henrik Ibsen

Adapted by Christopher F Peck

This original adaptation explored gender bending key character roles--including Mayor Stockmann--, infusing brand new video scenes between acts, and making the language of the play more accessible to a contemporary audience.

American College Theatre Festival Meritorious Achievement Award for Excellence in Directing

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"Do NOT miss The Addams Family at The University of South Alabama Theatre Department! Reserve your tickets! I had an absolute blast watching the production last night! I was so happy to see two of my former students (Blake Waters and Adrian Vaughn) as Gomez and Morticia! They were on fire!!! Everyone in the cast seemed so alive (or dead...or undecided) on stage last night. What a great energy! I couldn't stop laughing, especially withColgan Meanor as Lurch! Bullseye, Chris Peck, on another great production! Your casting was spot on! Kudos to the entire cast and crew! Rebecca Britton,Lyle MillerGabrielle BrouJay Glover, Zac West, Gabriela MerzWill Ballard,Brianna BondAbigail StjohnDustyn MilliganTrey Brazeal, and many many others!"--Eric Browne (Baker High School Theatre Arts Director)

"Fantastic play Professor Peck.  Best play I have been to ever.  Very entertaining.--Antonio Cox (Introduction to Drama Student)

"Mr. Peck, that was an absolutely amazing play! I enjoyed every single minute of it and every single song. The entire cast was so wonderful. You did an excellent job directing."--Isiah Gray (Introduction to Drama Student)

"This is Megan Manas in your Drama 110-103 class. Tori Hicks, who is also in your class, and I both went to see the play tonight and it was amazing! The acting was brilliant, the music was superb and it honestly was one of the best plays I think I've ever seen. 
I'm from Mobile and I haven't seen very many plays in this city or even outside of this city that I have thoroughly enjoyed like I did with the one tonight...Tori also thought the play was really great so I thought I should just tell you."--Megan Manus (Introduction to Drama Student)  


by Cindy Lou Johnson

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By Arthur Miller

Thoroughly enjoyed All My Sons at Theatre USA this evening! Some very powerful performances in this very challenging piece. Kudos to director Chris Peck on a show well done. Excellent pacing and dramatic tension in those final two acts! Thought my heart was going to burst. Some very nice nuances from this talented cast. I was reminded tonight of just how incredible Arthur Miller was as a playwright. Such a rich play with so many levels which really gave my hyper-attentive brain something to play with. An excellent portrayal of the darker side of industrialism and capitalism. It creeps between the bonds of this family like silent, poisonous vines and the ensemble enacts this tragic decay with great skill. I'd never read the play before, but immediately started picking up on the tree motif: They have come to fruition, but the roots, it seems, are burrowed in unstable ground. Enter a storm to send it all crashing down.--Eric Browne (Baker High School Theatre Director)

Knowing that this was a first production for you on this campus, I wish to acknowledge that you made the whole show a confident expression of your own feeling and passion in the theatre and that you made the joy quite serious and quite brave.  I wish to formally express my sincere respect for what you accomplished, the University of South Alabama is lucky to have you in its Dramatic Arts Department.--Dr. Lee Van Dyke (Chair Dramatic Arts, University of South Alabama)



By Euripides
Translated by William Arrowsmith
Directed by Christopher Peck

Set in the aftermath of the Trojan War, Hecuba, Queen of overthrown Troy, falls victim to the greed, deception, and injustice of the world around her. Upon the death of her two children, Hecuba revolts against those who have betrayed her in a chilling act of vengeance that not only cripples her enemies but her humanity as well.

"The most tragic of the poets." - Aristotle

November 13-17 at 7:30 pm
November 17, 18 at 2:00 pm
Mabee Theatre

"HECUBA was one of the best pieces of theatre I've seen...I was so impressed with every single element of the show.  You had a phenominal design team, and each of their production elements complimented each other and effectively helped portray the design concept.  Your cast was also spectacular...I have seen pieces of theatre here in Chicago where they did not perform to the energy or clarity level of this ensemble...Absolutely one of the best things I've ever seen on the Baylor Stage."--Danielle Stack (Baylor Theatre Alumni, 2011)

"Chris, you put on a riveting show!  Congratulations!  I saw HECUBA last night and was enthralled with it all.  This play IS still relevant.  It stirred in me all kinds of thoughts about authority, goodness/evil, revenge, justice, slavery, courage, and obviously loss and grief.  Your actors were skillful storytellers...Thanks for putting on such a beautiful, thoughtful show."--Carissa Olsen (Baylor Theatre Alumni, 2012)

A Director's Approach to Euripides' HECUBA


As a member of the Berkshire Theatre Group, Summer 2012, I was the Assistant Director for A Thousand Clowns by Herb Gardner. Click the link below to see production photos. All photos are the property of Berkshire Theatre.

 I also directed the staged reading of Christopher Newbound's new play, Lunch With Amanda.


By Thomas Ward

Director of the World Premiere of Thomas Ward's new play, Aftermath.

"I have been thoroughly impressed with Chris' abilities as a director.  His calm demeaner makes him easy to work with while there is no question of his passion and drive."--Thomas Ward (Actor/Playwright, Member of Actors' Equity)

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